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Our Services
Emergency 24/7 Service
Glenelg Plumbing Services has built an exceptional reputation servicing clients all over Adelaide.  Contact us now for 24/7 Emergency Services.
GPS Consulting Services offers solutions to all your plumbing needs.  Our customers have the advantage of 50 years of extensive experience and highly trained technicians on hand whenever they need it.
General Plumbing and Maintenance
GPS offers a wide range of general and emergency plumbing services.  Our installations and maintenance services start from water and gas pipes, below ground drains and all fixtures and fittings.
Blocked Drains
We are the blocked drain specialist, toilets, showers, sinks, baths, or whatever the drain we will quickly and efficiently rescue and reline your pipes back to approved working condition so you can get back to more important things.   We have specialized equipment to unblocked sewer drains and storm water blockages.
  • We use the latest in CCTV technology to fully diagnose problematic blockages in order to pin point the exact cause of the blockage.
  • High velocity water jetters pump and cut through tough obstacles such as tree roots and clear all debris
Burst Pipes
Most times burst water pipes can be repaired, other times your house may have looked as though its been through a natural disaster.  GPS provides an emergency response team for your convenience.  Our Leak detection equipment can locate any hidden leaks minimizing future damage and repairs.
Gas Fitting and Repairs
Our service vehicles are fully equipped to carry out hot water repairs to all major brand Hot Water Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Hot Water Tanks and Hot Water Units.  Contact us now for a free consultation on your system.  We can repair and maintain all types of gas appliances.


Back flow Prevention
We protect your fresh water supply from contamination to comply with water authority requirement.  
Services include:
  • Testing of back flow prevention devices
  • New installations for back flow prevention devises
  • Repairs of existing installations
Thermostat Mixing Valves
Water at safe temperatures is vital for health care facilities where baths and showers must remain within certain temperatures. Thermostat mixing valves prevent scalding.
  • We include installation and maintenance
  • Hot Water Services                          
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • LPG and Natural gas appliances
  • Commercial appliances
  • Heaters
  • Ovens/Cook tops
  • BBQ’s
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