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Reasons why you should hire an experienced and licensed Plumber

In the age of DIY’s, season for renovations and home improvements there are a few things you should only leave to the professionals. Plumbing is one of the most important issues that need to be maintained in your home. Don’t be fooled by the array of electrical and plumbing goodies in the hardware shops. You don’t need to be licensed to buy them, but you most certainly need to be licensed to install most of them.

Plumbing is widely taken for granted. I mean, if you can buy a $10 tap from the hardware store or know where your hot water system is then why bother forking up hard earned cash right?......Wrong. According to the and most of Australian states it is illegal to perform your own plumbing work.

Homeowners who fail to comply may be fined and face complications with insurance if there is evidence of a DIY and will not be compensated in the event of damages to the home, injury or death.

Plumbing systems are far more sophisticated than meets the eye and without the trained expertise of licensed plumbers, the water, drainage and sewerage systems we take for granted would be unsafe and unreliable. Our homes are where we feel the safest, it is a place that we can trust to keep us warm, clean and rested so if we work for anything, its recommended that quality maintenance to our homes are treated as part of the investment.

What most of us fail to see when we’re quoted is the insurance, regulated practices, compliance's and audits connected to the Plumber or Plumbing business. Price is only one of the factors that should be considered on top of quality materials that come with warranties, Experience technicians that come with foresight and long term solutions, and licences that safeguard you from insurance issues.

There are of course allowances as to what we can legally do ourselves in our homes as long as we take the steps to ensure the work is safe and provided you have the skills to perform them.

  • Install, repair or maintain a garden irrigation system

  • Replace, repair or disconnect a tap

  • Replace a jumper valve or washer in a tap

  • Change a shower head

  • Connect a washing machine or dishwasher

  • Replace a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber in a toilet cistern

  • Clear blocked wastewater drain, provided it has a diameter of less than 50mm

  • Work on storm water pipes, provided they have a diameter of less than 90mm.

As a general rule try and involve your plumber for safety and insurance or risk the prosecution or fine.

Best practice for plumbing for your home is once you find a trusted plumbing company; develop a good relationship with them so you’re able to take advantage of long term expertise. Your plumber will map out your home and know its history; they will understand your needs and goals and support them, ultimately you will gain a trusted support system for one of the biggest investments of your life. A team of experienced professionals to help you with your life time goals is not just an expense but an added value to your home.

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